Brewed from the Magical Waters of the Clackamas River

Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by Ken Johnson, Grand High Exalted Mystical Brewer and Co-owner of Fearless Brewing Company

1) Do you serve hard liquor?
KEN: Nope, Beer and wine only.

2) How many people does your brewpub seat?
KEN: We can seat around 48-60 people who love craft beer!

3) Is there an outdoor beer garden?
KEN: We do have plenty of tables outside, in front of the building. However, our building sits on the entire footprint of the property. We have no place to locate more outdoor seating. But, maybe someone wants to buy the property next to me, and lease it to me? Hey, there’s gotta be a way.

4) What makes your beer so danged awesome?
KEN: It’s the love baby! I have been blessed with a FIrocious God-given brewing talent that MUST be expressed. We also have the magical waters from the Clackamas River to craft our beers with. Water and love!

5) Why did you get rid of the lottery? (This question from Sean)
KEN: Well Sean, I fell for the sales pitch. The lottery is supposed to be the big payout. The big windfall. It ain’t true! The cut we get is so small, the work and risk we take is so large, I would rather use the space to seat more people and brew more beer. Frankly, we needed the extra space more than we needed the lottery! This isn’t a hard liquor juke joint or lottery deli. It just isn’t the kind of place that inspires people to dump money into lottery machines. People hang out with friends and relax here. Truthfully, I’m glad those noisy machines are gone.

6) Dude, if there ain’t any lottery machines and no live music, what is there to do? (This question from Frank)
KEN: Frank, Frank, Frank. We have TV to watch sports with your friends. We have a free book exchange library. You can read a book or even take it with you if you like. We have a ton of the latest beer periodicals and an interesting assortment of magazines. We welcome talented people to get up and belt out their latest poem or song . We also have a pile of board games and decks of cards. Of course, I always prefer to go with my A-game: Bring your best girl out for stimulating conversation and a beer!

7) I’m a coaster collector. Will you send me some of your coasters?
KEN: We don’t have coasters. We will probably never make any coasters. You coaster collectors have to be the most relentless bunch I have ever seen. Please go and find some help. Have a beer! Go meet a nice girl. Start a business. You can kick this coaster thing. You just have to want it, man.

8) I’m thinking of building a brewpub, too. Do you have any advice?
KEN: Have a lot of money. Kiss your personal life goodbye for about 10 years. You better know how to make more than beer, pal. If you have to hire everything done to build your place, you ain’t gunna make it! This is the hardest work I have ever done and the toughest job I ever had. But, I am happier than a human being should be allowed!

9) How long does it take to make beer?
KEN: Most of our beers are grain to glass in 12-14 days.

10) How much beer do you make at a time?
KEN: Our batches are usually about 5-14 barrels.

11) Yea, I need a keg for a party. Do you have any Bud Light?
KEN: This is the time when everyone in the bar laughs uncontrollably until the idiot who asked this question finally gets a clue. At Fearless Brewing Company we believe that Shame, Intimidation and Ridicule are valuable teaching tools for those who continue to worship Coors and Bud!

12) How can a bar make it in a small town without Budweiser, smoking, hard liquor, salad bar, etc.?
KEN: Same answer as question 11.

13) Cans? Really?
KEN: Yes, we are very committed to the can as our package. Cans save on transportation costs because they are so light (unlike bottles). Most of the bottles in your retailer’s beer cooler are not recyclable! The few bottles that can be recycled take 4 times more energy to recycle than cans. Cans easily go out on the river or in a backpack, or on the golf course. Cans more closely correspond with our Fearless lifestyle and who we are here in Estacada. Plus, with no UV light exposure they are just flat out better for the beer.

14) I cook for a living. Why haven’t I ever heard of a club sandwich that had a smoky BBQ flavor like yours?
KEN: Hey, it’s a BREWERS CLUB SANDWICH. We put it on in the winter as a special. We loath convention around here. We like to mix it up. Have some fun with life, man. They don’t call me Captain Chaos for nothing! O’course they call me other things, too, but decorum prohibits repeating those names here.

15) Who are “they”?
KEN: I’m not sure either, but I am relatively certain that “that guy” is their leader.

16) Why don’t you reserve kegs?
KEN: I have promised to hold kegs for people and turned away potential keg sales, standing right in front of me, at my bar, waving cash in my face, just to have the person who asked me to “reserve” a keg not show up. That won’t happen again. Not fair to me and really not fair to the other guy who wanted the keg. The only sure way to secure a keg of our beer is to come out here in person, pay for it and take it with you. Past that, there are no promises. We sell so many kegs here we just can’t promise anything. Inventory can change completely in a couple days. If you don’t buy it, someone else probably will, in about 5 minutes. It’s hell to be successful!

17) I was just reading your FAQ page and it made me shoot milk out of my nose. I prefer to shoot beer out of my nose. Which of your beers would you recommend? (This question from Jeremy)
KEN: Actually Jeremy, I recommend the Clackamas Pale Ale. I hate having a really bitter or heavy beer in my sinuses. And, the Clackamas Pale Ale has a very nice balanced aroma that can linger comfortably in your nasal cavities. The Clackamas Pale Ale is a light colored, light bodied beer. Very balanced. This is not a procedure one should attempt without professional help. Here at Fearless Brewing Company we are trained to assist in these matters.

18) That’s super that you found someone to install WiFi in the pub in exchange for beer! Hell, I’d like to convert my salary to beer, but my employer isn’t on the same page. Any suggestions? (This question from Brian)
KEN: Brian, the helpful folks here at Fearless Brewing Company would be pleased to convert your salary to beer. It really is the essence of what we do here. God, I love this country!

19) Wow, some of the internet reviews of your place are pretty raw. I’ve never had anything close to the experience they describe. What gives? (This question from Larry)
KEN: Right, Larry. And they didn’t either. Most of these ‘Reviews’ are anonymous slander from disgruntled ex-employees and our local competition. YELP and other such sites that try to extort money from business owners let these ‘reviews’ happen. They’ll hide bad reviews if you buy advertising. As soon as a bad review hits YELP they call you and ask if you want to advertise. Get it? The fact is, none of these sites give an accurate reflection until they have over 100 ‘reviews’- the first 25 are lies.

Fearless Brewing Company
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(The center of the brewing universe)
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