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kegs, 16 ounce cans and growler fills.
Brewed from the magical waters of the Clackamas River

Fearless beers are distributed in Oregon, Washington and Western Canada. But no matter where you live you can purchase on-line via this link.


Wed - Thu: 4pm - 9pm

Fri - Sat: Noon - 10pm

Sun: Noon - 9pm

Mon - Tue: Closed

Open Monday on Memorial Day and Labor Day

Fearless Brewing Company

326 S. Broadway St.

Estacada, OR 97023

(The center of the brewing universe)

503-630-BEER (2337)

Happy Hour:

4 - 6 weekdays

If you would like a restaurant or store near you to carry our beers, simply print this flyer and hand it to them.


At Fearless Brewing Company we approach keg sales a bit differently. We do not take a deposit on the kegs. Instead you will need a credit card to secure the keg and if for some reason you choose not to bring it back, or it goes in your garage sale, or you misplace it (god forbid) or you decide to take the keg to a demolition derby, we will charge the true cost of the keg, which right now is about $175 each, to your credit card. But please bring them back. We love them. They are like our children. We want them to come home.

Unfortunately, we do not reserve kegs in advance. All kegs are sold on a first come, first served basis. We do not have all beers in stock all of the time, so perhaps best to call and see what we have in the cooler before coming out to the brewery. Kegs are sold during pub hours. We may not always have staff available to load your keg, so you may want to bring some helpers.




We have taps that can be rented for $10 for up to four days. We do not rent the taps without a Fearless keg sale. We sell 1/2 barrels (15.5 gallons) and 1/4 barrels (7.75 gallons)

One last note for the good of the order: We do not fill kegs from other breweries. We hope that anyone who has an empty brewery keg will return it to the brewery from which it came. They are the rightful owners. Or bring it to us and we will return it for you. We also do not fill Cornelius kegs.



Why Cans?


We chose 16 ounce aluminum cans as the container of choice for a number of reasons, starting with the fact that we are located on the beautiful Clackamas River and bottles just don't work in river rafts. Cans are also the most environmentally responsible choice as they are forever recyclable. Cans are much lighter in weight than bottles, saving fuel in transportation. But most of all, cans protect the beer from its two worst enemies: ultra violet light and oxygen.

No Metal Taste!

Craft breweries are increasingly moving toward cans for all of the reasons just listed. However, some consumers still believe that cans leave a metallic taste in the beer. And we will agree that in decades past that was probably true. But the cans manufactured now are coated on the inside, so the beer never touches metal. We have done tons of 'quality control' (otherwise known as the best thing about owning a brewery) on our beer in cans and we have never detected a tinch of metal taste. And we are really paying attention!

16 Ounce Bargains

One last thing about the cans: We chose 16 ounce cans because we think a pint of beer is the perfect quantity. Well, at least to start. Stores often sell our cans for $1.99 to $2.75. If you do the math you will find that our beer in cans is generally less expensive than beer packaged in 22 ounce bottles. Just do the math. Or better yet, watch our video on the subject posted on our video page.

Mix and Match

We are happy to mix and match cases of cans as well as four packs. Cans sometimes go on sale at the pub. We generally post that information in our e-newsletter (check home page for sign-up information) or on our Facebook page.